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Eagle's Coronavirus Response

To protect the health of Eagle staff, clients & the general community, we are following the latest Government and Health directives in our day to day operations. This means:        

  • Eagle staff must stay at home if unwell, even if symptoms are mild.  FYI, no Eagle staff have returned from overseas in the last 6 weeks or recently experienced flu type symptoms,
  • We will consider future site inspections (including common areas) on a case by case basis, but this does NOT extend to occupied residential or commercial units,
  • In order for us to assess the risk of attending a site, we MUST first be provided with confirmation from relevant Strata or Building managers that the site has an established Occupant Coronavirus notification protocol and register, and the register (and site manager) does not identify any site occupants as subject to mandatory self-isolation, or having flu type symptoms. We will also require access to amenities for our staff to wash their hands whilst on site,
  • Should Eagle determine it is safe to attend site, we will attend equipped with the appropriate personal protection equipment,
  • Wherever possible whilst onsite, we will try to avoid touching building systems & surfaces,
  • We have stopped face to face meetings at our (or other) offices. Where these meetings are unavoidable on site, social distancing and non-contact protocols will be followed, and
  • Eagle staff can be contacted via their mobile phones, emails or via our Office Number (02 9466 6366).

As this situation is fluid & fast moving, we will constantly review these policies and protocols and update impacted clients accordingly. Good luck and stay safe through these challenging times.